Thursday 9:30 - 10:30 AM


There are 4 primary challenges that exist for women wanting to advance in leadership roles within male dominated industries and organizations. These challenges can be related to ladder rungs that are Broken, Missing, Slippery, and Sticky. In this presentation, we will not only talk about what causes each of these hazards and how to help your female employees overcome them, but also what organizations can do to eliminate these challenges. Eliminating these 4 challenges is the real solution to creating #OneLadder that is an equitable and safe climb for all team members.

Session Objectives

  1. Recognize the 4 types of challenges women face while climbing the leadership ladder.
  2. Understand how to better help women in your organization overcome those challenges.
  3. Understand what your organization can do to eliminate those challenges.

Barb Allen

Barb Allen became a full time Coach, Consultant, and Public Speaker after 25+ years in the Construction Industry. Her experience climbing the heavily male dominated leadership ladder from Carpenter to Operations Director provided her with the experience and fortitude required to successfully assist individuals and organizations with gender specific struggles and diversity initiatives. Barb is leveraging the curiosity of others to drive change and fulfill her mission to increase the success of women in male dominated fields.