Friday 9:15 - 10:15 AM

The Art of Listening in a World That’s Getting Louder

There are 4 primary challenges that exist for women wanting to advance in leadBuilding an inclusive workplace community is about listening, understanding, and responding to the lived experiences of the people it directly impacts. But how do you do that in a world that’s getting increasingly louder with media, polarization, and people pitting themselves against each other with little effort to learn from each other. We’ll learn why listening is a critical step to authentically relating and creating a sense of belonging within the workplace, while supporting a diverse culture.ership roles within male dominated industries and organizations. These challenges can be related to ladder rungs that are Broken, Missing, Slippery, and Sticky. In this presentation, we will not only talk about what causes each of these hazards and how to help your female employees overcome them, but also what organizations can do to eliminate these challenges. Eliminating these 4 challenges is the real solution to creating #OneLadder that is an equitable and safe climb for all team members.

Session Objectives

  1. Experience the art and steps of active of listening
  2. Learn the difference between responding and reacting
  3. Be in community and have some fun!

Jenn Toro

Jenn Toro is a Chief People Officer turned Human Centered Workplace Strategist with two decades of Human Resources, Talent Development, Operations, and Marketing experience mostly in high growth, high performing small and midsize businesses. Today she partners with leaders looking to transform their organizations into authentic, work together-play together cultures, while maximizing people’s potential for profitability. Outside of her business, she’s an advocate for children and the future employees they will become, specifically advocating against abuse, and for healing through trauma-informed environments.