Friday 9:15 - 10:15 AM

KS Unemployment Insurance Update – Business & Industry Perspective

After recent and significant changes to the Kansas Employment Security (unemployment insurance) laws enacted by the state since 2021 as well as what is being considered for 2024, join us to learn how to navigate the Post COVID-19 UI landscape and action steps you can prepare to take to protect your employer account. This session is designed to help employers build knowledge, improve practices, and better understand the state’s recently changed unemployment insurance laws/system.

Session Objectives

  1. Understand the Kansas UI Landscape (Pre & Post-COVID)
  2. KS Unemployment Modernization Update
  3. Learn about Recent and Ongoing UI Reforms (and how to get involved)
  4. What’s NEXT? and Why Your HR Voice Matters at the Statehouse…

Phillip M. Hayes 

The Arnold Group (TAG) is a human resource company providing Recruiting/Staffing, Executive Search/Talent Acquisition, and Workforce Solutions. As a principal owner, Hayes provides company leadership as well as engages with clients to strengthen their HR programs, objectives, goals, and effectiveness by delivering tailored workforce solutions. With an undergrad in HR Management and a Masters in Management Information Systems, coupled with 20+ years of business and HR experience, he’s been recognized as the Wichita and the Kansas HR Professional of the Year. Phil remains active in legislative priorities pertaining to state HR policy and specifically in the unemployment arena as he was appointed to serve on the Kansas Employment Security Board of Review; the Kansas Unemployment Compensation Modernization & Improvement Council; and the Kansas Workers Compensation and Unemployment Review Board Nominating Committee. Most recently, Phil was awarded the Father Becker Award at the 2023 UWC National Unemployment Insurance Conference regarding his major contributions to UI research and transformative impact in the state of Kansas.